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Our Master Chess Workshops go online!

Chess TalkPosted by Lars Bo Hansen Sun, April 26, 2015 16:12:54
If you ever wanted to join our Master Chess Workshops but weren’t in the Orlando area, now is your chance! We are happy to announce that on May 7, we will launch “Interactive Master Chess”, an online version of our popular on-site workshops.

Interactive Master Chess is a month-long workshop on a particular topic, with four two-hour sessions online, playing exercises, and study material to work on at home.

The first workshop launches in May and covers the topic “How to win better positions”, a critical skill for competitive chess players. Once you have an advantage you want to bring home the full point, but unfortunately it often doesn’t happen! Join us in May, and you will learn how to do it.

Interactive Master Chess Workshops work like this: The workshop runs during a whole month (four weeks). Participants sign up for a month at a time. Each week two identical two-hour online workshops will be offered; you can sign up for one of them or attend both if you want to have the same material presented twice. When signing up, you will receive a link to a GoToTraining, the platform we use for the lectures. You will also need to have a membership for ICC (Internet Chess Club, www.chessclub.com).

Similar to how we structure our on-site workshops, the process is this: First I will present material on this month’s topic and show a number of Grandmaster games highlighting important principles, in the first month about how to win better positions. This is an interactive process where you are able to ask questions or comment. This initial lesson typically lasts 45-60 minutes.

Then we will direct you onto ICC, where you will be paired against other participants and play out selected positions from actual Grandmaster games in 5 minutes games. WIM Jen Hansen and I will be observing the games, making notes about typical problems in using the discussed principles and maybe sometimes kibitzing directly. The pedagogical philosophy is that you learn the principles better when you try them out on the board. The results of the blitz games are not important; what matters is the process. Don’t try to win on time, it is better to take your time at the critical moments to really get to known and use the principles!

After a couple of blitz games, how many depends on time, we will go back onto GoToTraining and I will show you the “solution” (how the game position was actually played by the Grandmasters) and we will discuss how the principles were used in your own blitz games. Again you are able to ask questions and comment.

When the session is over, we will send you extra study material that will help you reinforce the principles and adapt them into your own play. If you have questions when working on the study material, you are welcome to contact us for guidance.

This process repeats itself for four weeks, digging deeper and deeper into the theme of the month and practicing it more and more in the lectures, practice games, and work on the study material. We hope you will join us for this exciting and unique new concept!

Interactive Master Chess at a glance

Target audience
These workshops are designed for players rated 1500 + who see themselves as aspiring masters. Kids under age of 10, regardless of level, should be supervised by an adult during the sessions.

Class size
The workshop has a limit of 24 participants.

Participation Fee
Participants sign up for the entire month (four weeks) for 200$

You will need to have an account on ICC (for the training games) and a pgn viewer for the study material

Topics planned:
May: How to win better positions
June: Attack. Defense, and Counterattack
August: Pawn Structures


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